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While I was looking for some video candy the other day, I came across one of the apparently very many BBC serials based on Catherine Cookson novels. As chance would have it, I selected (at random) one called The Wingless Bird, about a middle-class woman living around the time of the First World War who has to deal with an abusive father and an upper-class lover, among other things. I found it very interesting at first, and then very predictable (I figured out what was going to happen somewhere near the end of the first episode, and was disappointed to be right).

Strangely enough, I apparently chose one of the better Cookson serials to watch -- looking for a review afterwards, I came upon this commentary from April, 2011, by Genevieve Valentine (an excellent writer and a friend) who wrote an hysterical retelling of The Wingless Bird (and of some or all of the other Cookson serials, I gather). She includes such gems as this (fairly accurate) rewording of a conversation partway through the first episode.

Dad: Why don’t you want to do the nasty?
Mom: Because you’re a drunk on your way home from your mistress’s place?
Dad: But that’s just what happens on Thursdays!
Mom: And I had to raise her daughter Jessie like she was mine!
Dad: You get so touchy about the slightest things!
Mom: Also you raped me, which is why I have no desire to sleep with you!
Dad: Man, what is your DEAL?

Even if you have no intention of watching the series, if you've ever watched a romantic BBC serial, you'll enjoy Genevieve's take-down of this one.

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