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I've just gotten word that the official launch date for the anthology Menial: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction -- which will include my short story "The Didibug Pin" -- will be on Monday, January 21, 2013. It will be introduced at the Arisia convention in Boston, so if you're planning to go, you may want to look out for it (unfortunately, I won't be going).

The heroes of the 17 stories are men and women who, as the editors' description says, "aren't afraid to get their hands dirty." The table of contents has some excellent authors (including Sabrina Vourvoulias, whose novel Ink was recently published by Cross Genres):


AJ Fitzwater -  “Diamond in the Rough”
M. Bennardo – “Thirty-Four Dollars”
Sean Jones – “A Tale of a Fast Horse”
Barbara Krasnoff – “The Didibug Pin”
Camille Alexa – “Sarah 87″
A.D. Spencer – “Carnivores”
Andrew C. Releford - “Urban Renewal”
Matthew Cherry – “Storage”
Angeli Primlani – “Snowball the Rabbit Was Dead”
Jasmine M. Templet – “Leviathan”
Margaret M. Gilman – “All in a Day’s Work”
Kevin Bennett – “The Belt”
Jude-Marie Green – “Far, Far From Land”
Clifford Royal Johns – “Big Steel In The Sky”
Sophie Constable – “Air Supply”
Dany G. Zuwen – “The Heart of the Union”
Sabrina Vourvoulias – “Ember”

Finally, if you hang out at GoodReads, there is a giveaway of three ARCs (advanced review copies) of Menial with a deadline of December 17th -- you may want to drop by.

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