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My blog has become a wanderer among the various services. Back when I first started a blog (rather than having a simple website), I built it using Google Page Creator, a nicely simple online blog creator.

The service was was discontinued in 2009 and all the blogs moved to Google Sites; since I found the latter quite unsatisfactory, I looked around, tried several (including and Google’s Blogger) and finally settled on Posterous. It was reasonably easy to use, made it simple to share the blog among other services such as Twitter, Facebook and even LiveJournal, and wasn’t difficult to personalize.

So there I was happy and settled — and then the guys who created Posterous sold the service to Twitter. Or rather sold their services to Twitter, because Twitter had next to no interest in Posterous, just in the people that had created it. The service wouldn’t be updated, we were told, but would probably be left as it was.

Until the other day, when it was announced that Posterous was going away in April. So I went back to the site I’d played with a year or two earlier, spend a weekend tweaking it and moving data to it — and now there I am. I suppose I should have learned my lesson by now — I have my own domain and should simply host my own blog. I’m lazy, I guess.

I’ll probably stick with for now, until something else happens that forces me to move once again. But this process of having to redesign and move a blog every two years can get tiring.

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