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A friend of ours is having problems with her computer, and we want to send her a freeware anti-malware program that we've found extremely effective (Malwarebytes, for anyone who's interested).

So we put it on a USB drive, put it in an envelope, and I take it to the post office. It costs $21.85 to send the 1.5-ounce package to New Mexico.

I get a call today -- two days after I sent it, and a day after it was supposed to arrive. No package.

I call the 800 number on the ticket. The automated system tells me that the package has been processed in Brooklyn -- no news to me, since I already checked it on the Web site. Would I like to hear that again, search for another package, or other? So I hit the key for "Other" for further help. I am asked the package number, and told that the package has been processed in Brooklyn. Would I like to hear that again, search for another package, or other? I'm in a loop.

Luckily, I'm experienced enough just to say "operator" into the phone several times, and I'm connected to a person named Joanne. She says I can go to my post office to fill out a form for a refund. I say I don't want a refund, I want the package to be found. She can't do that; she gives me the phone number for customer service.

I call customer service, and get a Miss Thomas. Miss Thomas says that she has to pass it on to Miss Johnson, who handles my zip code. She takes my name, address, phone number, and says Miss Johnson will get back to me within 72 hours. This was supposed to be an express, overnight package, I say -- it can't wait 72 hours. Miss Johnson is apparently very busy and has a lot on her desk, so the usual time given is 72 hours.

Sigh. Meanwhile, what we'll probably do is pack up another copy, and send it overnight via a private (and more expensive) carrier.

To be continued.


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